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 “Wild Strings Trio is definitely one of the most unusual musical groups in Slovenia and is clear proof that music knows no boundaries.”  – Bratko Zavrnik, Longplay

“It’s as if they wish to create, from all the various genres, a new, transnational, all-containing one.” – Bratko Zavrnik, Longplay

“Wolves and dragons.” – Matej Krajnc, Sigic

“If you’re looking for an incredible time to spend while listening jazzy and rhythmic kind of music, so you shouldn’t miss Wild Strings Trio ‘s next appearance.” – Alexandre de Vaulx, Photomniform



2.2.2019 – 5.Anniversary of WST – Orchestra Kavč Festival, Soho Ljubljana (SI)

6.2.2019 – Kavč Festival, Ljubljana (SI)

10.4.2019 – Espai Ku, Barcelona (ES)

13.4.2019 – La Grangette (FR)

25.5.2019 – Festival Musig am Zürisee, Männedorf (CH)

26.5.2019 – Café Rorboz, Rorbas (CH)

28.5.2019 – Theater BunterBünter, Neuenkirch (CH)

1.6.2019 – La Coquille, Etalante (FR)

2.6.2019 – Dijon (FR)

3.6.2019 – Archives Départementales, Dijon (FR)

5.6.2019 – Château OECD, Paris (FR)

7.6.2019 – Centre Tchèque (Jazz Club Rue Bonaparte), Paris (FR)

23.7.2019 – Celica, Ljubljana (SI)

27.7.2019 – Festival Aeson, Fiumicello (IT)
























































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