Petra Onderufova – Violin

Born in Slovakia, she took up violin at a young age. A few years down the road, and after a flirting period with playing cello, she turned her attention away from Classical music to embrace Ethno and traditional styles, through travel around Europe and encounters all along the way. Realizing that her full potential still lay unrealized, she started a Jazz education; this brought her into her own as a cross-style performer, happily playing bebop one night in a Jazz club and the next playing Bulgarian tunes on a folk festival stage. After the completion of her studies, she branched out into Jazz composition and arrangement, which has brought a new richness to what remains her gift as a performer: that of sharing her limitless energy, virtuosity and inventiveness with her audience.




Petra Onderufova was born in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. She started to play violin with her young age and 7 years later she switched to cello. Soon during studies at Conservatory in Brno (Czech) she realized, that classical music was not for her. This brought her back to violin and to discover jazz and world etno music. She studied and graduated from jazz violin at Conservatory in Klagenfurt (Austria) by prof. Max Grosch in june 2015. Since september 2015 she continues studies in Jazz Composition and Arrangement at Conservatory in Klagenfurt by prof.Johannes Berauer. She attended workshops by Christian Howes, Mark Feldman, Simone Zanchini, Brian Blade, John Patitucci and others for jazz music as well as for different styles of music: indian music by Sharat Chandra Srivastava, Pt.Suresh Tal Walkar and world etno music by many wonderful musicians, she met on her way.

She played with lot of different bands: Wild Strings Trio, Karavana iluzij, Terrafolk Symbolic Orchestra, Swinging Strings, Cana flamenca, Sedef, Sabahbluz, Leon Matek, Narayani, …


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