Wild Strings Trio – Bendjistan

Wild Strings Trio comes to you with a brand new album! A step up and forward from our first album (Lost Weekend, 2016) brings our playing, composing and improvising to a new level, expanding our horizons inwards and outwards to that mythical and fantastic place where everything is music and music is everything, the country we call Bendjistan.

Our aim in creating this album was to bring the various musical worlds that we inhabit together in a composition process where influences are mixed, reworked and arranged in to a seamless whole. From Celtic to Flamenco, Classical to Jazz, Azerbaijan to Mali, Funk to Pop to Metal but first and formost from the Balkans where we make our home, we reach out to our public with care and attention to detail, imaginative wildernesses and of course with our trademark enthusiasm, boundless energy, and as much love and soul as we possess.

This album was crafted with the help of consummate professionals who recorded, mixed, mastered, designed and produced at a very high level;  we are happy to present you the fruit of our and their work, which we hope will fulfill those who listen to it as much as it has fulfilled us in creating it.





“The creation of the universal language of music.” – Bratko Zavrnik, Longplay

“Wolves and Dragons.” – Matej Krajnc, Sigic

Lost Weekend, recorded in 2015, is the fruit of two years of hard work and excited discovery (not to mention three lifetimes of experience) by a trio of composers, arrangers and performers. Jazzed-up Balkan folk tunes, compositions of detailed complexity, and extensive improvisation make up the core of what Wild Strings Trio have created in this, their first studio album. Careful at once to minutely arrange each theme and riff, while leaving a large place to the moment’s inspiration in the solos, the trio has created a unique blend of jazz, classical, balkan and many other genres into a enthusiastic, groovy, deep and touching performance at a high level of proficiency. Each member brings his own musical background and ideas to the table to challenge the others with, weaving a common story to tell to the listener, pushing the boundaries of the conventional into the realm of novelty while never forgetting the love, energy and passion that brought them together.

You can buy and listen to it: here



Recorded live on November 21st, 2015 at Salon za ENO Glasbo, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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